Circus Zambia Productions & International Tours

Circus Zambia creates its own productions, which tour in Zambia and abroad. Since 2016 Circus Zambia has toured several countries and continents. These include Japan, China, Ethiopia, USA and the UK. Our current productions include:


Inspired by the wonderous Edward Nkoloso, who joined the race to Space in the 1980’s with just a wheel barrow, this spectacle celebrates those who think outside of the box. This show is a collaboration with Wake the Beast and Barefeet Theatre. 

On the Moon

6 friends explore life! Even though they are challenged by coming from the townships, they need to find their place in the world. While the dust of their home is in their clothes and the noise in their ears they are busy exploring their opportunities. While on their journey the joy of being together is felt and creating that sense of belonging! When they are together, they are On the Moon!

On the Moon utilizes original musical, daring Circus and African dance. Circus Zambia works with the audience to create a comical, interactive circus experience, with visual spectacle that is great for families.

Wall in a Hall

poster wall in a hall

What does it mean to be Zambian? In this musical spectacle we follow the journey of 2 sisters and a son, who have different views on the Zambian identity. Combining acrobatics, dance, song and lots of action, this show celebrates Zambia and inspires us to be the Zambian Eagles we are.

Our past Productions include:


Empyre explored issues of power, control and truth through breath-taking circus, Empyre is a magical and majestic show for all the family. With heart-in-mouth acrobatics, daredevil circus and a driving soundtrack, Empyre shows a deluded Emperor losing grip on the country and mind. This show was performed in the Zambia as part of the EU Festival and in the UK and Ireland in 2019, as well as part of the Barefeet Christmas Show. The show is a collaboration between Circus Zambia, Wake the beast and Barefeet Theatre.




Inspired by the true story of the Malawian born William Kamkwaba, this acrobatic show celebrates the ingenuity of youth. Born in a rural village with few amenities this boy got inspired by reading about electric windmills, and ended up making one, inspiring his village, his country and the world at large. This show was performed in Zambia and the UK in 2018.

Discover Home


Our debut show, developed in 2015, explores what home means. What does it mean to be home? Where is home? What if your home is viewed as a bad place by others? Discover Home dives into these questions and follows the journey of a young boy, going out and discovering the world and returning home. This show was performed in Ethiopia in 2015 USA in 2016, in Japan in 2017 and in Zambia.

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