At our creative hub we aim to provide a space for artists to come together, develop, explore and share their work. For example, we hosts creative workshops, film nights, art exhibitions, festivals and much more. Some highlights include:

37. Gule 2.0

Gule 2.0

Gule 2.0 is all about developing the arts. In the first instalment of this project,  Circus Zambia organized a series of 10 masterclasses on creating a stage production for performance arts groups. Topics included directing, script development, sound, light, marketing, budgeting and much more. These masterclasses were taught by a duo consisting of 1 local expert and 1 international expert. The series of masterclasses culminates in the Gule 2.0 Festival where the performing groups can showcase their new production, network and promote their work.

The first edition of Gule 2.o was supported by Sound Connects Fund. Sound Connects Fund is an initiative by the Music in Africa foundation (MIAF) and Goeth-Institut. The Sound Connects Fund is made possible with the financial contribution of the European Union and the support of the organisation of ACP. Check out this website to learn more about Gule 2.0 

Creative Exchange

Circus Zambia believes that (International) Exchange programs and residencies help artists to explore and develop. Therefore we try to engage in as much opportunities as possible. Most notably, we have had 4 major exchange programs with youth circuses from Switzerland and the USA. These includes visits of professional youth circus artists to Zambia, and Zambian professional youth circus artists visiting the USA. In addition we have hosted a range of international artists and circus artists.

 Are you interested in organising an exchange program or volunteering with Circus Zambia?