Body Program

Every Saturday young people from different marginalized communities flock to Circus Zambia for free circus training. Many come from Chibolya and Garden in busses provided by Circus Zambia, while others walk from neighbouring communities.

The Body Program is at the Core of Circus Zambia’s activities and is self-funded. In this program young people have access to free circus training, from the first try at juggling to intensive professional training. The Body program is the gateway to access the other Circus Zambia programs, such as the Mind Program and Soul program.

The trainers, all former CZ youth, work with approximately 80 youth and teach all kinds of circus skills, from acrobatics to aerial to juggling, unicycle, dance and clowning. We are glad we have equal participation from boys and girls.  

Through the training boys and girls get a chance to develop their talents, have fun and get away from their -often- difficult home environments. Because soft skills, such as discipline, trust and communication are an integral part to any circus act, they improve these in a playful manner. Moreover, the day often includes a guest speaker or workshop on all topics relevant to young people in Zambia, ranging from children’s rights to SRHR and alcohol and drug prevention.

Every six months we have auditions, where the youth get a chance to showcase their skills and advance through the Circus Zambia training levels. Beginners, who are called Toes, can progress to Knees and from there to Shoulders and Heads. Once you have reached the Shoulder stage Circus Zambia invites you to regular circus training multiple days a week, where you can train with local and international professionals. At this stage the Circus Zambia Youth can also form part of the performance company and can earn a living by teaching workshops or performing in Zambia and abroad.

The Body program is funded through income generated by Circus Zambia’s commercial activities, including workshops, performances, space rental and tours. So keep on booking us! Check out our business services here. You can also directly donate to our programs here.  


Belinda earned the great honour of being the first female circus performer of Circus Zambia to travel abroad. She was selected to perform in Dubai in 2022. She continues to inspire many young women in Circus Zambia. In 2023 she travelled to the UK and the USA to perform and lead circus workshops. Belinda specializes in acrobatics, antipode and aerial silks.

Circus Zambia is everything to me and I always gives thanks because it has made me the person I am today

Patrick was the first youth to travel abroad with Circus Zambia, to the USA in 2016. Since then he has continued to improve his circus skills and he has performed in the USA in 2017, Japan in 2017 and Dubai in 2022. He worked as a circus teacher and counsellor in the USA with Circus Smirkus in 2021 and 2022 and 2023 and is currently working as a circus performer with different circuses in the USA. In Zambia he has performed in Ndola, Kitwe, Livingstone and Western and Northern Province. Patrick specializes in acrobatics, Chinese pole and banquine.

‘Circus Zambia has helped me in ways I cannot explain. Circus Zambia is my home and has made me feel human again’.

Charles has been with Circus Zambia since its inception in 2016. His first international trip was to the UK with the Windmill Tour of 2018. In 2019 he became the second Circus Zambia performer to be selected for the Circus Smirkus (USA) performing troupe. He also performed in Dubai in 2022 and in South Africa in 2023. His specialty is acrobatics and handstand and with those skills he has performed all over Zambia and of course for Prince Harry!

‘Circus Zambia helped me to dream big and work hard so I can achieve my dreams’.

Esther joined Circus Zambia in 2018. She has always been a leader and role model for many girls and boys in Circus Zambia. She is specialized in bouncing balls and has great talent for acting as well as circus. In addition she is a great teacher and facilitator. In 2022 she landed her first international circus teacher job, with Circus Smirkus (USA). In 2023 she is traveling to Germany to teach circus there .

Circus Zambia is a place where dreams and talent is mould, it’s a family that everyone would wish have.


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