Mind Program

Circus Zambia believes education is the gateway to brighter futures and allows youths to develop into engaged and critical thinkers. Therefore we provide opportunities for youth from marginalized backgrounds to finish and excel in secondary school. Circus Zambia only provides support to youth who are actively engaged in the Body Program.

Each year Circus Zambia selects youth for its scholarship program. Selection is done based on their commitment to Circus Zambia and their home situation. In collaboration with the parents or caregivers, Circus Zambia pays for school fees, and if necessary, tutoring, uniforms, books etc. Throughout the year the progress of the students is mentored.  

But the Mind Program doesn’t end when schools do! The program includes educational camps held during holidays in order to keep youth engaged and interested. It also includes group tutoring activities that take place at Circus Zambia, such as math tutoring done by older Circus Zambia members and pen pal activities with international students to improve English language proficiency.

We also have a library and media lab available for our youth. The Mind Program is supported by Fundraising Efforts of Circus Zambia Friends. Are you interested in supporting Circus Zambia? Donate here .


Moses joined Circus Zambia in 2018 and has been one of its most motivated members. Since 2019 Circus Zambia has supported Moses in his educational journey with scholarship support. In addition, Moses attends math tutoring and English Tutoring every Sunday at Circus Zambia.

Monica has been with Circus Zambia since 2020 and likes juggling. She is also a great student and is currently enrolled in Grade 9. She excels in our English Tutoring program and has many penpals. 

Cathreen is a young star in the Circus Zambia acrobatic team. Besides that, she is a motivated student, who is currently enrolled in Grade 9. In 2020 she won the Circus Zambia Award for most committed and successful Circus Zambia female member – also known as the Mrs. Circus Zambia award. Wish her luck!

Besides being a very talented Circus Performer, Arthur is also a bright student. He has been supported by the Mind program since 2017 and has recently graduated from High School. He is now looking into further eduation and wants to study to become a scientist! Congrats to Arthur!


Please contact us for questions and advice about enrolment information